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Back To The Wild CIC

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Back to the Wild exists to:

  • Aid personal development for young people.

  • Facilitate better understanding of nature and our part in it.

  • Enhance positive mental and physical health through outdoor experiences

  • Share and learn new fundamental life-skills

  • Promote equality, cooperation, collaboration and harmony

  • Celebrate ancient and traditional rural skills and knowledge

  • Improve humanity’s relationship to the planet and promote sustainable living

In the 21st century, we face the results of disconnection with nature. The climate crisis, habitat loss and wildlife emergency are forceful warning signs that the relationship between humans and nature is failing. At the same time, many are waking up to innate natural wisdom, to understanding that we are part of nature and research is showing that connection with nature is vital for our mental health and well being.

We believe that developing a relationship with our environment must happen in myriad ways; not just with logical learning and access, but by engaging on a deeper level with our senses, emotions, creativity, developing gratitude, awareness and compassion.

Hellens offers a fantastic context for this, with its ancient 58 acre Hall Wood, wild flower meadows and the surrounding farmland, where young people can build skills, knowledge, respect and understanding.

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Based at Hellens Manor, Herefordshire.
Back to the Wild CIC (B2W) was created to help young people nurture and reclaim their relationship with the natural world.
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All Videos

Back to the Wild provides young people a place to learn new skills and meet new challenges. Activities have included sleeping in self- built shelters, camp fire cooking, map reading and navigation, coracling, foraging and woodland crafts; all delivered in a way that encourages participants to explore new ideas and ask questions both of themselves and of human culture.

A little History...

B2W was founded by Adam Munthe, Chairman of the PMM Charity Trust, following the Finnmark Expeditions in 2007 - a journey looking at climate change, which he led for the RGS by dog sledge through the Fennoscandia Arctic. Whilst on this journey, and on other previous expeditions, he witnessed first hand two considerable issues: How humanity’s development, in the specific context of global climate change, is impacting on the lives of indigenous people, and how critical proper knowledge of the natural world in which we still exist, is to our lives and future. 

On return he began working with schools in London offering residential B2W Projects at Hellens to further young people’s understanding of the world and to inspire a greater confidence to live in the world sustainably, as part of nature not separate from it.

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Over the past 13 years, the Back to the Wild project has flourished and grown. Since 2016 we have received a 25% proportion of profits from the Hellens Garden Festival, which has enabled us to offer more projects each year to local groups.

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Spread Good Vibes

The work you guys do always has a huge impact on our young people in many ways! Whether that be learning something new, meeting new people or just disconnecting from the world for a short time. We thoroughly enjoy working with you all, and can't wait for more work together in the future. Rhi James,Youth Support Worker for HOPE SERVICES


Thank you so much for the lovely few days we spent with you. 

The young and old enjoyed every minute.

The young people get so much out of coming, it really is for some of them Back To  The Wild. The team building and the peer friendships they make is so important. Thank you again. Julia Bowcott


Back to the Wild in action is fabulous.

Emma Beynon, Creative poet

We had a great day in the woods with you and Tim. It was just perfect! Thank you for your support and amazing input to help young people in Herefordshire. 

Patricia Sarmiento, Strong Young Minds


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