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Back to the Wild Tots

Four magical weeks of summer fun in Hall Wood. A huge thank you to the wonderful parents and children that came along!

Each week we played games, enjoyed seasonal nature crafts, took moments for mindfulness, soaking in the wild beauty and sound of the woodland. We placed our hands in soil, turned our faces to the sun, filled our lungs with fresh air, waded our souls in to the wild that surrounded us, slowed our pace, sang songs and made new friends.

Our relationship with nature, how much we feel connected to the natural world, is considered closely associated with our wellbeing, as well as how important we regard looking after the environment. Nurturing this nature connection from a young age, connecting our senses, emotions, gratitude and creativity to the world around us, not only creates happier children but children that want to help look after the natural world. We have relished this opportunity supporting our wild tots children and parents on their journey raising future guardians of our planet.

From the success of these sessions we are delighted to be able to carry on sessions in the Autumn following the change of the season.

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